Baby BowTie Review

 When I found out my first child was going to be a boy I wondered, "how do you even dress a boy"?   I quickly discovered that I LOVE picking out clothes for my son.  I can now say that I find as much joy picking out clothes for my boy as I do for my two girly girls!     It is so easy to accessorize a little girl: bracelets, bows, necklaces, and all that jazz.  Well now I have found something for my boy…BABY BOW TIE!  When my sweet faced boy saw that he wasn't going to have to wear the same boring tie that normally accompanies his collared shirts, he was thrilled.  I loved seeing his excitement at getting dressed up, which was a first in my home.  My son, Dylan, wore that bowtie with pride and made me a proud mama. I discovered my new favorite accessory for little boys!   The good news is that Baby Bow Ties are not just limited to boys, they have beautiful bow ties for girls and pets!  I’m already planning my next year's Christmas card! These cute bowties can add just the right touch to complete an outfit.  Not only are Baby Bowties adorable, but they are adjustable.  The clasp is magnetic so there is no scratchy clasp or velcro to irritate your child. 
  Baby Bowties are sold at Nordstrom as well as other retailers. 

You can look on babybowtie.com to find a retailer near you!



Review and Giveaway: Hughes Candle Company

I just love candles, don't you? I love to unwind at the end of the day by candlelight, I love to use them to add ambiance (and usually fragrance as well) and I even use them as motivation to clean up -- I won't light a candle until the room is tidy.

Hughes Candle Company is a brand new company on the market. They boast American-made products and are a true Mom and Pop operation. I happen to know them personally from my days in California. (Side note: if you're looking for a great private swim instructor for your children in the NE LA area, see me after class.)

Always eager to check out the new projects of my friends I jumped at the opportunity to review some of their new candles. They sent me five jar candles in the following scents: lavender, ocean breeze, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and plumeria.

We lit Ocean Breeze immediately and my husband remarked more than once how much he enjoyed the aroma. Lavender soon followed. I love keeping the open candle, even when not lit, on my counter as the aroma lingers even without the flame.

They are soy-based candles which makes them much more eco-friendly, and safer too since the wax doesn't get as hot. Soy candles burn more cleanly, wasting less candle and keeping your indoor air clean. The candles also come with a short sheet reminder of best practices in candle burning, including burning out to the edge before extinguishing to set the memory of the candle and ensuring a complete burn. I tend to judge candle people often by this little tidbit -- if they don't know this rule they don't know candles. Hughes Candle Company passes the litmus test.

Soy candles are also slower burning. The candles I received for review are very slow burning -- they will last me a long time but I couldn't wait to burn ALL of them before I shared the good news. I've been burning them almost daily since they arrived and I'm not even halfway through the second jar (and I have the smaller of the two jar sizes.) What a great value!

In addition to their candles, including the jar candles I reviewed, the tea lights, and the coffee mug candles, Hughes Candle Company also produces wax melts and wax tarts if you prefer the aroma but not the flame. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with their latest offerings and tell them what you think! This is a brand new company and your input is valuable.

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I received these items free of charge for the purpose of my review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


Review: Peanut Hottie

Okay Peanut Butter lovers--listen up! 
Do you dream of peanut butter? Do you smother it on basically anything you can? Then this review is for you. 

Peanut Hottie is the first of its kind on the market-a hot peanut butter drink that brings the rich, beloved flavor of peanut butter to a smooth, delicious beverage for only 83 calories per cup. Peanut Hottie is brand new to the US market as it was introduced to the UK first. It did amazingly well there so Peanut Hottie crossed the pond and made its debut here this year. 

Why on earth would you want to make a peanut butter beverage?
Well, peanut butter (as all of you peanut butter lovers should know) is one of America's FAVORITE flavors-we eat it on sandwiches, in desserts, on toast and sometimes even straight off the spoon, so why not in a cup as a decadent drink. Peanut Hottie can be made two ways; follow the water based instructions for a diet-friendly 83 calorie cup or heat up milk and stir in Peanut Hottie for a creamier experience. 

Peanut Hottie is;
-Made with real peanuts
-Caffeine free
-Suitable for vegetarians
-Contains NO artificial additives or colors
-Under 100 Calories per cup
-Absolutely delicious

Peanut Butter Hottie comes in two varieties; Original Peanut Butter flavor and Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor.

My Review
   I was sent Peanut Hottie in Original Peanut Butter flavor and Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor to review. I was a bit skeptical (to say the least) about a hot peanut butter drink. Would it actually taste good? When I received the package of Peanut Hottie mixes my kids were excited. They thought that peanut butter as a drink would be super yummy so I set to work making them and myself some Peanut Hottie. I decided to make the Peanut Hottie with almond milk for myself and my children. It was pretty easy to prepare--a few spoonfuls added to hot milk and wahla! The result was a delicious peanut buttery drink that kept our tummies warm and all of us wanting more. I am especially excited to try some of Peanut Hottie's recipes  such as a Peanut Hottie milkshake or Peanut Hottie pancakes...yum! 

So where can YOU get some?
   Peanut Hottie is available in a 9.15 oz jar, which contains approximately 13 servings for a suggested retail price of $4.78. Peanut Hottie is currently only available in Wal-Mart stores nationwide. 

You can keep up with the latest Peanut Hottie news via |Twitter| or |Facebook|
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Review: Battle Dry Skin with Agraria


Dry skin and cold winter weather unfortunately go hand in hand. Thanks to Agraria products your skin no longer has to suffer.

A bit about Agraria

       Many fans of Agraria have fond memories dating back to 1970 of discovering the Taylor Street boutique on Nob Hill. The Taylor Street boutique was an eclectic mix of antiques, books and one-of-a-kind gifts,...oh, and of course Agraria potpourri, candles, incense, sachets and bath and body products. As interior designers, Maurice and Stanford believed that "no great house is ever completely decorated until it has its most important decorative accessory-home fragrance."

The first two products-Bitter Orange Potpourri and the Balsam Perfume Candle were designed to combine the spicy citrus of bitter orange and the sweet woody notes of the balsam. Doing so creates an even richer, mysterious and more unique fragrance experience. The founders often said "they mix and mingle marvelously."

Geraldine Stutz, the legendary President of New York's Henri Bendel, believed that "the way a house smells is one of the most important elements in decorating." When she put Agraria at the front door in 1974, The New York Times referred to it as "Park Avenue Potpourri."

As the doors opened and closed all day long, the luxurious scent of Bitter Orange poured out onto the street luring the well-helped clientele inside. Many years later, Vogue magazine quoted Michael Kors: "I thought 57th street was heaven. I smelled the Agraria potpourri wafting out of Henri Bendel, but I just though the street smelled good." In 1985, Agraria moved to the front door of Bergdorf Goodman.

Today you can find Agraria in the finest department stores and gift shops around the world...from San Francisco to Shanghai, Miami to Milan, Dublin to Dubai, and London to Los Angeles.

My Review
   I was sent Agraria Hand/Body Lotion and Bath and Shower Gel in 'Bitter Orange' to
review. I love Agraria's signature sent of 'Bitter Orange.' It is a fresh, bright sent that invigorates the soul. Agraria has taken this signature sent and introduced Bath/Shower Gel and Hand/Body Lotion to keep you smelling lovely and your skin moisturized throughout the day. 

Agraria Bath and Shower Gel is concentrated (a little goes a long way) and keeps skin supple. Botanical extracts of sage, rosemary, chamomile, yarrow, comfrey, hops, horsetail, marshmallow, kelp, burdock and ginkgo biloba are infused and enhanced by arnica montana, panthenol and wheat protein. The Bath and Shower gel paired with Agrarias' Hand and Body lotion retains vital moisture leaving skin soft, smooth and lightly fragranced. 

Since using both Agraria's Bath/Shower Gel and Hand/Body Lotion I have noticed my skin is less itchy and much softer and supple. I absolutely love the light 'Bitter Orange' fragrance it leaves on my skin (and so does my husband). In fact, both products are so gentle I have used them on both of my children (who have extremely sensitive skin) with great results. Keep your skin in tip top condition by using Agraria's Hand and Body Lotion paired with the Bath and Shower Gel. Your skin will thank you (not really...but if it could talk I am sure it would!). 

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I received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


Post: Minbie

   When I was born three months early I only weighed 2 lbs. They aren't sure the exact week I was born but they believe it was between 24-26 weeks gestation. Being a preemie I had to be in an incubator for almost three months of my life. My suck-swallow-breathe reflexes were not developed yet (they usually develop around 32-33 weeks gestation) and for the first two months I was fed via nasogastric tube. This of course made it difficult for my Mother to breastfeed me. She pumped while I was in the hospital and I was given a bottle. When I
was finally released from the hospital and she tried to breastfeed me I wouldn't take. The nipple of the bottle was too different from the nipple of the breast. After a week of trying to breastfeed me my Mother gave up--it was just too frustrating for both of us. 

I have heard so many mothers speak of similar problems going between bottle and breastfeeding. There had to be a way that a baby could do both.

Minbie an Australian company set out to create a revolutionary bottle teat that could be used with breastfeeding infants and preemies. Minbie has dedicated 13 years of research, developed hundreds of prototypes and continual testing to create a bottle teat that can support a baby's instinctive feeding needs AND the ability of the baby to breastfeed comfortably for the mother. 

Minbie bottle teats promote the all-important instinctive breastfeeding technique, so if the mother switches between breast and bottle, the baby’s natural breastfeeding technique can remain undamaged.
Minbie are made from a soft silicone and nutures a newborn's ability to breastfeed by allowing them to bottle-feed with the instinctive feeding technique that they are born with. Minbie supports a newborn's digestion by helping to release natural digestive enzymes (it supports a baby's sleep too).
Minbie can be introduced to premature babies from 34 weeks with the guidance of the health professionals in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. So if you have a newborn or preemie and are struggling between breastfeeding and bottle feeding try the Minbie.  Moms and babies can finally relax and concentrate on what is most important...each other. 

You can learn more about Minbie via their Facebook page.
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DIY & Crafts with Emilia: Heart Banner

Hi, I'm Emmie from Someday in May and I'm so excited to join the Cherry Blossoms team and share some of my prints and projects with you! Thinking about decorating for Valentine's Day but don't know where to start?  Don't worry, I've got you covered!  This is an easy project that will be fun to do with the kids too!

You will need: 
1. Brown paper bags (I got this package of 40 bags at the dollar store!)
2. Clothes pins (also dollar store!)
3. Mod Podge and brush (I like Mod Podge but you can also use glue)
4. Scrapbook paper
5. Twine

Take a brown paper bag and flip it over and cut a square that is 8 x 11 cm out of the folded bottom part of the bag.  I did this so that it was thicker but you could use any part of the bag if that doesn't matter to you.  Fold your square in half and cut a slant in the bottom.

Get out your scrapbook paper and cut out little hearts.  I thought it was easier to fold the paper in half and cut out a half heart so that it was perfect every time.  Use your Mod Podge to glue them to the paper bags. 

Figure out how long you want your twine to be, then hang your banner with the clothes pins.  I used clear thumb tacks to hang my twine.

Didn't I say it was easy?  Happy decorating!

 Emilia is a Boise, Idaho girl who is addicted to all things crafty! She has a beautiful one year old girl that loves to climb, twirl, and sing “Let it go.” Emmie's husband is a full time student and also in the Air Force Guard. Emilia graduated from BYU in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in English. She is a stay at home mom and when she's not chasing after her little blue eyed blonde, she likes to keep herself busy with DIY projects. Emilia loves to create beautiful and simple prints, make things for her daughter, and decorate her little space of the world. When not blogging at Cherry Blossoms {the blog} you can find Emmie at 'Someday in May'. 


Review: Popcorn Indiana

Eating healthy is one of my new years resolutions....but easier said then done right? Thankfully I have some delicious snacks from Popcorn Indiana to keep me on the right track. 

A Bit about Popcorn IndianaPopcorn,Indiana began when Warren Struhl and Richard Demb, seeking inspiration for a gourmet popcorn business they wanted to start, traveled to meet Dale Humphrey in Mr. Humphrey's hometown of, yes, Popcorn, Indiana, a tiny farming community just 20 miles
southwest of Bloomington. A fourth-generation Popcorn, Indiana resident and a passionate popcorn lover, Dale took Mr. Struhl and Mr. Demb on a brief tour, introducing them to the lush, rolling terrain of Lawrence County, driving down such lanes as Popcorn Road and Popcorn Church Road (which leads, not surprisingly, to Popcorn Christian Church), before returning to Mr. Humphrey's farm.

Reinvigorated with the image of a town so pure, simple, down to earth, and so committed to corn, Warren and Richard returned to NYC and opened their first Popcorn, Indiana store in 2002. Using only premium grade popcorn, grown specifically for popping, Warren Struhl & Richard Demb began churning out kettle corn, a colonial recipe for popcorn that combines both sugar and salt, for a subtly sweet-and-salty taste that has endeared it to many.

My Review
   I was sent two bags of Popcorn Indiana's NEW Granola Popcorn Clusters in Vanilla Almond and Dark Chocolate Coconut, two bags of Drizzlecorn Popcorn in Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter and a bag of Fit Popcorn in real butter to review. First let me say that Popcorn Indiana seems to somehow have almost every kernel in their bags popped....having unpopped popcorn kernels is a pet-peeve of mine. I hate getting to the middle of a bag of popcorn with no more popped kernels left. This is one of the main reasons I absolutely adore Popcorn Indiana. 

Popcorn Indiana's Granola Popcorn Clusters are popcorn covered in flax seeds, roasted almonds (or coconut flakes). They are the perfect snack to take on the go and keep you full and energized. My eight year old daughter who isn't a fan of popcorn (crazy, right?) absolutely loves the Popcorn Granola Clusters. My husband and I are also huge fans especially because the clusters are;
  • Non-GMO
  • Made with Whole Grains
  • Filled with fiber from the Oats and Flax Seeds
  • No Trans Fats
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • No preservatives 
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
The clusters are a great snack for after gym, school or sports and are perfect for playdates, car trips and more.

The Drizzlecorn Popcorn in Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter are SO yummy and great for when I am having a craving for something sweet. The Sea Salt Caramel is caramel popcorn that has been drizzled with dark fudge and then sprinkled with Pacific Sea Salt. It is the perfect snack for something that is both salty and sweet. The sweetness of the fudge and saltiness of the caramel and sea salt make it a perfect treat. Kettlecorn coated in peanut butter and then drizzled in a creamy dark chocolate. This Drizzlecorn was my favorite out of the two because honestly in my opinion you can't really top peanut butter and chocolate. 

Fit Popcorn is my go to snack on a daily basis. Get this, Fit Popcorn is only 37 calories per cup. I love how delicious it tastes and that it is made with whole grains, which means it is also good for me. I love keeping a bag with me in my car (in case I get hungry while on the go) and a smaller snack bag in my purse. 

Popcorn Indiana you had me at popcorn. 

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I received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review.
This has in no way affected my opinion.
This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.


Review & Giveaway: KidsKit Tip n' Sip

My niece Ashley, is the newest reviewer here at Cherry Blossoms {the blog}. Ashley is a wife and Mother to three girls; Baizley, Ivie and Eden. When Ashley isn't running around after her three adorable girls you can find her helping others lead a healthy life as a BeachBody Coach. I am so happy to have Ashley on board as a reviewer for Cherry Blossoms {the blog}. Enjoy her first review below;

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    My kids are messy. I mean, seriously messy. I feel like as soon as I clean something up, they are right behind me making a mess of something else. I saw something once that said, “Cleaning with toddlers in your house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.” 
Haha. So true, isn’t it?? 

    This is one of the reasons I was really excited to get this KidsKit Tip n’ Sip kids training cup. My kids are always spilling their drinks! I keep thinking they are ready for a regular cup, and then every time I give them one, the milk has covered the counter top. I have tried everything as far as sippy cups go. With a stay in straw, with a removable straw, without a straw, ones that tip back and one for learning to drink from a cup with a “spill proof” (yeah right) lid, etc., etc. It’s hard to find one that lives up to what the packaging promises. The KidsKit Tip n’ Sip exceeded my expectations. 

I was at first concerned with the screw off bottom because I immediately thought that my
Toddler would be able to get it off in a second. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually too difficult to be removed by little hands. 

    The way this cup works is really fun. My kids both fight over it and call it the “magic” cup. You fill the water, juice, or whatever you’re using into the cup upside down to the brim. You then screw on the removable bottom and flip it over and there is a reservoir in the middle that the liquid seeps into, one sip at a time. The amount of liquid that goes into the reservoir is the perfect amount for a little mouth. Each time the child tips the cup back to take a drink and returns the cup back to the table, the reservoir refills! It’s totally awesome. 

The cup is perfect for learning how to drink from a regular cup. Although it is not spill proof, as the water is always in the reservoir if there is liquid filled on the inside. BUT, the small amount of sippable water in the reservoir makes for EXTREMELY easy clean up! The spill didn’t even soak a paper towel.

The Giveaway
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Giveaway: Dish It Up with Food Lion

     When I was living in Southern Virginia we shopped at Food Lion quite often. Food Lion consistently had the best produce and products available at low costs. For those of you who don't know, Food Lion was founded as Food Town in 1957 and opened their first store in Salisbury, North Carolina. Today, Food Lion is one of the largest supermarket companies in the United States. Food Lion LLC operates approximately 1,300 supermarkets, either directly or through affiliated entities, under the names of Food Lion, Bloom, Bottom Dollar, Harveys and Reids. Food Lion stores are prevalent in 11 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. To find your nearest Food Lion click here.

Food Lion always has amazing deals going on and I am excited to announce the AWESOME deal that is going on this month from the 14th-21st of January! 

All you need to do is spend $10 on fresh chicken and you will get ALL the following items for FREE....that's right FREE! To learn more about this AMAZING deal from Food Lion click here.

Here are the items you will get free of charge;

  • 14.5oz select varieties can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
  • 15.25oz select varieties can of whole kernel corn
  • 28oz select varieties can Tuttorosso tomato sauce
  • 32oz select varieties of my essentials long grain rice

It is so easy to use all of the items you get at Food Lion to make a delicious and healthy meal for your whole family.

For example you can use the chicken you purchased and the free ingredients you got for free to make Chicken Chili Rice Bowls. Don't they look delicious?!

The recipe is really simple and so easy to follow. The great thing about this dish is you can dress it up in whatever way you would like. Use toppings such as lime wedges, Cheddar Cheese or diced Avocado. You could even change up the recipe and make Mole Chili and Rice bowls by omitting the lime zest and juice and adding 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 2 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. It sounds strange but it is so good. Mole is one of my all time favorite dishes and we make it quite often in our home. 
  Have a New Year's Resolution to eat healthier food? Trying to stay on a budget this year? Food Lion makes healthy eating and living on a budget a snap. 

The Giveaway
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Giveaway: The Northwest Company

With temperatures dipping into the single digits here on the East Coast, wouldn't it be nice to snuggle up with a warm throw from the Northwest Company.

    The Northwest Company is recognized as a leader in the home textile industry and they are the number one throw manufacturer in the United States. They are a marketing-driven company producing innovative and exciting product for the most widely recognized brands in sports and entertainment. In addition, they carry a full line of Northwest Original designs.

For over twenty years, The Northwest's reputation for quality and commitment to their retail partners has been without equal.

The Northwest Company carries Collegiate, Sports (such as NHL, NBA, NLB etc.) Individual Players, Championship, SuperBowl, Lifestyle (Military, Music,etc.), and Entertainment (Hello Kitty, Elvis, DreamWorks, Disney, Peanuts, Hasbro and more) throws. 

The Northwest Company has graciously offered a giveaway for Cherry Blossoms {the blog} readers. One of you will be staying EXTRA warm this winter!

The Giveaway
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